Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My First Author Newsletter

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It's been two months since The Buried Symbol was released. The reception from readers and critics thus far has been great, although I could certainly use a few more reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other reader sites. As for book sales, it appears to be going as well as can be expected for a first-time author working with a small publisher, but I have nothing to compare against. What I can tell you is that I love receiving feedback from readers and it encourages me to push forward with the sequels.

For readers eagerly awaiting book two, The Emblem Throne is releasing in October!

With my publishing contracts for books two and three now signed, I am back to working against a schedule. Thankfully, the second book was written months ago and merely must endure a sequence of edits. As for book three, An Empire in Runes, I still have much work to do. The book is over half written but deserves a delicious ending to cap-off the series. With my focus now shifted back to editing book two, it will be months before the first draft of book three is complete. Look for an update in my October newsletter. In the meantime, check the progress graphs for each book below.

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Lastly, I've included a special treat below, just for newsletter subscribers. 

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